About us

FBI Company was founded in 2005. It is one of the leading companies in the field of shipping and marine services. Our company plays an important role in the growth and development of the global transport industry through its strong focus on innovation

and its commitment to provide leading and value-added marine and land services

additionally to taking advantage of the last technology available to them and the acquiring of the company’s crew the comprehensive experience of maritime transport and marine services.

The company has achieved a broad reputation in terms of quality and safety of marine. It has established a strong data base within the Red, Mediterranean and Black sea.

It has also been characterized by diversification in its business and expansion of new markets in order to strengthen its position as a leading global maritime company.

Repairs & Dry Docks services




Medicine supply


FBI GLOBAL GROUP offer to arrange ship repair services in Tuzla area (Marmara port) and can coordinate all type of repairs and new buildings at well known shipyards economically.

Tuzla shipyard ports is near to Istanbul so it is very practical to carry out all kind supplies, technician attendances. For special survey or any kind of minor and major repairs.

We can arrange; Dry-dock arrangements , attendances, tanks cleaning, deck and machinery repairs, pipes and steel renewal, overhauling main engine and auxiliary machines, reconditioning piston sand blasting, grit blasting, painting, fuel pumps overhauling, time adjustments fuel valve grinding and testing.

At berths; repairs possibilities up to 300 meters in length at a maximum draft of 12 meters. Ballast and tank cutting, vacuum removers, boiler, repairing engine, turbocharger, piston, governor reconditioning, steel renewal capt up to 30 ton/day Blasting uhp up 2500 bar, grit blasting up to sa2,5 , with 50 nozzles cap. 2800 m2 /day

Repairs of rudder, stern-tube, shaft and propeller, all kind of electrical, electronics and mechanical works.

* Crew changes/Hospital/Medical attendance/Hotel accommodation etc. services,

  1. Safety Equipment Certificate With Form (E*Attachments),
  2. Minimum Safe Manning Certificate,
  3. Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) Cert.,
  4. ISPS Code Certificate,
  5.  Register Certificate,
  6.  Crew List ( Duly Stamped / Signed ),
  7.  International Tonnage Cert.(1969),
  8.  Sailing Plan.1
  9.  Copy Of Seaman book + Passport,
  10. STCW Flag Endorsement For Officers

* Bunker/lube oil/fresh water/provision/bonded stores supply.

FBI GLOBAL GROUP .provides fresh provisions and vegetables in variety with the most reasonable prices

on the basis of high quality on Transit and Domestic supplies.

All supplies are provided with nternational standards in a well prepared packages and always keeps hygienic

requirements for all type of food including frozen products which is transshipped by refrigerator means at a shortest time.

We offer to supply at all Turkish Ports & Straits.

  • Meat products and poultry, seafood, international food, fruit and vegetables,
  • Bonded stores, Beverages.
  • Cabin, deck and engine stores, chemical products for protection and maintenance,
  • Ship spare parts, ropes, anchors, anchor chains, cargo gear accessories,
  • Electrical stores, safety equipment, manual motor rewinding, navigational equipment.

Sale and purchase of ships and study contracts of sale and purchase.